Playing a Flush Draw in No Limit

Playing the flush draw in No Limit can help you win a lot of money, especially playing online. However, a lot of players make rudimentary mistakes concerning their usage, so it is vital that you understand the proper ways of handling them.

The primary thing that your No Limit strategy for the flush draw should take into account is that of the number of players in the hand. The more the better, as this hand lends itself well to a lot of players. Being a draw hand, you want a lot of players in, so that they will put more money in the pot. You do not want to pay to see the draw and end up winning a small pot. Going for the flush draw in a heads up is rarely a good idea.

Something else that must be factored in your No Limit strategy is position. If you are in early position, then you must have something else in hand other than a flush draw. The fact that you are the first to act means that you will have no idea what your No Limit opponents will do. Therefore, playing just for a flush draw is dangerous. You need to have at least a high pair, or a two pair before the flop.

Being in late position in No Limit is a much better time to go for the flush draw, as by the bets of the other players on the table you will get a chance to see if the flop helped them too. If the flop looks dangerous, then you may consider raising in order to protect your hand, and make them think twice about drawing.

If they check, you can get to see the turn, and if it gives you the flush, you can raise the stakes and take the pot right there. Of course, the situation would be much better if your hand also had a potential for straights or high pairs, as this will give you added strength, and the presence of these cards on the board will make your opponents second guess what you are holding.

The flush draw in No Limit is a hand that can be very extremely powerful, but it must be utilized properly in order to gain the most out of its potential. By playing the right way, your bank roll will increase immediately and you will win more consistently.