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New Internet Poker

It's Friday evening, you invite all the friends for your house to play poker. After a while your friends start to arrive, you get some cold-ice beers from the refrigerator, arrange the table, gets some snacks and waiting for the rest. When everyone arrives you start mixing the cards and a long poker night is starting. Everyone is laughing, drinking, eating and having a good time. You already learned everything about poker, the rules, the combinations, the different tricks but most importantly you learn the reaction of your friends for any move in the game.

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You can read their faces no matter how hard they try to keep on a poker face. Those nights became your favorite nights and you can't imagine how your life will look without them. Without all the enjoyment, the fun and the alcohol, the poker and the combinations you always get and the money you are doing. Imagine you don't have those nights anymore; all you have left is the poker game with some strangers you can't see and a lot of alcohol. It’s a disaster isn't it? Don't be so sure.

Updated Articles

Bluffing at the Right Time in Pokier

Posted on 27.01 •

While Poker bluffs are used frequently in online games, it cannot be denied that a lot of times they get called, which have led some to dismiss and disregard the strategy. However, the fact is that it has more to do with the lack of proper understanding, and if a player knows the right time to utilize the Poker bluff, it can still be an efficient tactic.

Stealing the Blinds: Power on the Pre-Flop

Posted on 27.01 •

Stealing the blinds is a common term in Texas Hold'em and one that is conceptually simple, but is actually one that is difficult to implement. Knowing the conditions that make stealing favorable is a boon to any card shark.